John Wayne Memorabilia

John Wayne memorabilia have always been very popular but have become even more so since the celebration of his 100th birthday on May 26, 2007. Born Marion Robert Morrison, John Wayne symbolized rugged masculinity and has become an enduring American hero. He is known for his unique walk, distinctive voice and height (6' 4"). Western heroes like The Duke don't exist any more!

There is no shortage of great collectibles for fans of John Wayne memorabilia. The Bradford Exchange has a wonderful selection including John Wayne tribute knife replicas. Each issue of these quality limited edition John Wayne memorabilia features a unique picture of The Duke on a hard-fired porcelain blade. The handles have been beautifully decorated with a raised bronzed picture of John Wayne and include his signature to add to their appeal.

A stained glass tiffany lamp featuring classic landscapes from John Wayne movies is another collectible that you might want to consider buying as a constant reminder of The Duke at his best.

Throughout half a century of Hollywood classic movies, The Duke became the consummate Western hero like no other actor before or since. Whether he was heroically defending the Alamo, storming the beaches of Iwo Jima, or brawling as a bare-knuckled boxer, John Wayne showed us all what a true American should be. Fine porcelain collector plates are also available as a tribute to John Wayne's illustrious career.

The Timeless Hero collectible stained-glass wall clock is another item you might want to purchase for your own John Wayne memorabilia collection or as a fantastic gift for a John Wayne fan. This stunning clock displays outstanding portraits of the screen legend in illuminated stained glass. John Wayne memorabilia continues to grow in popularity.

Many people love train collections. Now you can buy heirloom-quality electric train sets that are decorated with some of the dramatic scenes from some of The Duke's most well-loved movies.

Whether you prefer figurines, wall art, replica knives/rifles, or collector plates, you are sure to find plenty of John Wayne collectibles to suit every taste and budget.

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