Heavenly Handfuls

Heavenly Handfuls Sweet As You Please Poseable Miniature Baby Doll Collection Available from the Ashton-Drake Galleries, Heavenly Handfuls have to be the sweetest collectible baby doll miniatures you can buy! At only 6" tall, the M&M's baby dolls are a particular favorite, having all the lifelike details you'd expect to find in full-sized dolls. These tiny masterpieces each sport a uniquely designed cap with a one-piece sweater in M&M's colors from red to green to yellow. They will certainly melt your heart!

Each of the amazing dolls in the Heavenly Handfuls collection is made of the highest quality vinyl and hand painted. Their soft bodies can also be posed which adds to their appeal. How wonderful to be able to hold one of these adorable baby dolls in the palm of your hand! Each one is a masterpiece of handcraftmanship.

At only 5" tall, the Heavenly Handfuls Sweet As You Please Baby Doll Collection features the most lifelike dolls you'll be able to find, right down to their tiny fingers and the creases on the bottom of their tiny baby feet. The beautiful variety of costumes are made to scale and each baby doll has its own crocheted booties.

The Heavenly Handfuls Collection also includes the collectible Miniature Kitten Doll Collection. Each of the plush poseable kittens are incredibly detailed and handcrafted, with mohair that is applied by hand so no two kittens are alike. These cuties each have a lovely baby outfit with their name on the front.

The Heavenly Handfuls L'il Monkey Hugs Collectible is absolutely adorable and fits right into the palm of your hand. These delightful baby monkeys are extremely realistic and poseable, each of them decked out in a lovely costume just like a human baby. They are also covered in hand-applied mohair, making them the perfect gift for a monkey lover.

Another wonderful doll in this collection is the Dancing For The Cure Breast Cancer Support Baby Doll Collection. These extremely lifelike 5" ballerina dolls are dressed in beautiful custom-designed 4-piece costumes and proudly sport the pink ribbon.

The Heavenly Handfuls Wizard of Oz Vinyl Baby Doll Collection is truly magical. At only 4 1/2" tall, each doll is finely hand-crafted and hand-painted. Their superbly crocheted costumes and fabric "blankies" are specially decorated with characters such as Toto on Dorothy's blanket.

If you love these dolls as much as I do, you'll want to take a look at: Heavenly Handfuls.





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