Caring For Vinyl Collectible Dolls

The term “collectible” is a very broad one and can include almost anything you can imagine. Yet, collectible dolls are the most popular kind of collectible. It is for this reason that people usually think of collectible dolls when the word "collectibles" is used.

If you would like to collect dolls, you should find out as much about them as you can. Learning how to properly take care of your collectible dolls will safeguard your investment. This will make sure that your collectible doll maintains its excellent condition, and, down the road, you may be able to make money by selling it.

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After buying a collectible doll, it is important that the packaging be kept in perfect condition when you remove the doll. If possible, the packaging should be left in perfect condition. To ensure that your doll has a long shelf life, it will be necessary for you to remove the doll from its package so you can prepare the doll for storage.

Removal of any tape on the bows in your doll's hair should be your first task. The fabric could be damaged if any glue from the tape remains, which could definitely affect the value of the collectible doll. Anything that might rust should be removed from the packaging. The doll could be ruined if pieces of metal in the packaging rust.

The steps you choose to take will depend on how long you wish to keep your doll. You should get acid free tissue from a hobby store and wrap your collectible doll in it. Then the doll’s clothes should be removed, and the doll should be wrapped in the tissue paper before putting the clothes back on the doll. If you do this, the fabric may be kept for a long period of time. If tissue paper isn't used to wrap the doll, dyes from the fabric may bleed into the skin of the doll. Multi-colored skin tones on a collectible doll are definitely not desirable!

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The next thing you need to treat is the doll’s eyes. Treating your doll's eyes with a diluted solution of isopropyl alcohol (half water, half alcohol) will ensure that they move freely. Put the doll on its back and apply a thin film of the liquid to each eye. After wiping the eye area with a clean rag made of cotton, you should let it dry thoroughly. This treatment will ensure that your doll’s eyes are completely clean and dust free. It is not a good thing if you doll has one eye half closed and the other wide open!

Your collectible doll can be put on a shelf and forgotten when the necessary steps have been taken to preserve it for an extended shelf life. Dolls shouldn't be bought as an investment as their value will not increase significantly over time. You should buy collectible dolls for the love of them, as opposed to thinking of them as a money maker. If you have a passion for dolls, you can always hope that the value will increase over time. It is for this reason that you must perform the necessary steps to protect your doll.

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