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Is a member of your family a fan of baseball collectibles? Maybe you are the one who enjoys accumulating large amounts of memorabilia from America's favorite pastimes.

There are many different types of mementos available to include in your collection of baseball collectibles. An autographed baseball will put a smile on the face of any baseball fan. The ball will have special meaning if it was held by the fan's favorite sports icon.

Baseball cards are another way to add to a fan's collection of baseball collectibles. While some fans enjoy acquiring packs of trading cards, others will prefer a vintage autographed card.

Bobble head dolls have been desirable baseball collectibles since the 1950s. They are now mass-produced but it is still possible to find limited edition bobble head dolls which are more valuable.

In addition, sports equipment is a hot item with baseball collectible fans. An autographed baseball bat from a sports hero is certain to be a huge hit with any ardent aficionado.

Although we've mainly focused on the actual collectibles, it is also important to obtain the best guides for baseball collectibles. This is invaluable as it not only helps fans to obtain items with the greatest sentimental value, but also those that have the highest potential as a financial investment.

Barry Halper's Collection of Baseball Memorabilia outlines the more than 2,500 collectibles that were sold through Sotheby's, the famed auction house. It includes photographs of rare baseball collectibles from Barry Halper's collection of fan favorites.

The Beckett Almanac of Baseball Cards and Collectibles is another excellent resource to help enthusiasts of America's favorite pastime find out about the best memorabilia available for this sport.

Guides such as these will help both novices and experienced collectors learn the value of memorabilia prior to investing. It also helps them to establish the value of their own collection so they don't mistakenly dispose of an item that may end up being rare and worth considerably more than the original cost.

You can't go wrong giving a fan any addition to their baseball collectibles. True fans of the sport cannot have too many of a particular collectible. Duplication can often be a blessing as it provides an opportunity to trade one of the pair for an item they don't yet have in their collection.

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